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Girl Scout Badge Workshop: Mechanical Engineering (Daisies - Juniors)

We are excited to offer once a month Girl Scouts badge workshops for Daisies, Brownies, Juniors and/or Cadettes!

At MODA, we believe girls can change the world! Using prototyping materials and STEAM technologies, MODA’s once a month girl scout badge workshops highlight design as an effective problem solving tool to prepare each scout to become empathetic and innovative problem solvers of the 21st century. 

About the Badge

This March, MODA invites scouts from Daisies to Juniors to come earn their Mechanical Engineering badge! Check out the official badge descriptions for each scout rank below.

daisy meche.png


Mechanical Engineering: Roller Coaster

Engineer your own roller coaster and see how its design affects its speed.

  1. Make a simple roller coaster car

  2. Build a model of a roller coaster

  3. Test your roller coaster

When you’ve earned this badge, you'll have learned about engineering and motion by building and testing a roller coaster.

brownie meche.png


Mechanical Engineering: Fling Flyer

Work like an engineer to create a Fling Flyer, an airplane you'll make, and explore what keeps it and other things, such as birds, planes, and space ships, in the air.

  1. Learn about forces that affect flight

  2. Design and build a Fling Flyer

  3. Test your Fling Flyer

  4. Analyze and share your results

  5. Brainstorm ways to improve your design

When you’ve earned this badge, you'll have learned about the forces that affect flight as you design, build, and test a Fling Flyer. You'll know how to design an investigation—and fine-tune your design after testing it, just like engineers.

junior meche.png


Mechanical Engineering: Balloon Car

Learn about air power and create an alternative fuel car.

  1. Learn about potential and kinetic energy

  2. Design and build a balloon car

  3. Test your balloon-powered car

  4. Analyze and share results

  5. Brainstorm ways to improve your design

When you've earned this badge, you'll know how to engineer a balloon-powered car and understand potential energy, kinetic energy, and jet propulsion.


  • 4th Saturday of the month

  • Duration: 10-12noon

  • Price: $25 per girl scout / chaperones are free. Please pre-register and pay in advance.

  • Registrations that are cancelled 2 weeks prior to the workshop, class or school program will result in a refund of 50%. No refunds will be available for cancellations less than 2 weeks prior to the date of the workshop, class or school program.

  • Group size: max 30 Scouts

  • This program is not licensed by Bright from the Start: Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning and is not required to be licensed. Bright from the Start does not regulate or routinely inspect this program. For additional information, go to or call 404.657.5562.